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The importance of building a community on a free adult webcams platform

The importance of building a community on a free adult webcams platform

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On an adult webcam platform creating a community is essential. Let us tell you why!

atP For a webcam model, it is absolutely essential to rally a community of fans, fans or simply admirers of your personality to its white plume. In the context of a freemium platform, on which the show cam is free and open to everyone, the importance of chat is essential for the smooth running of the show.

Freemium show vs private show

For free and accessible lives, as on UfancyMe, it takes the world and especially tippers. Indeed, on a premium sexcam platform, all you have to do is please the visitors who are already there to win private tickets. With a cost per minute, the model fills its purse tokens. Things happen in this context very differently. She waits in front of her cam, dances a little, rarely speaks, while remaining dressed or in lingerie. It fuels desire, it incites and tease, it excites nicely to arouse the irrepressible drive to discover more.

In this configuration there is a game about frustration so that the viewer opens his wallet to satisfy his desire to see more. Then, the private takes place face to face and a more sexual spectacle can begin. Besides, you do not have to be really sexual, people can just talk. But with this dynamic, there is a decisive influence of the viewer on the model. This may be displeasing to some.

How is a free live

The atmosphere is very different when the show is public. Reports change between viewers and the model. On private sexcams, visitors are there for an intimate show, hidden and responding to their most secret desires. On free sexcams, visitors came specially in the room of a camgirl or camboy, they are there to attend what models have to offer.

To compare with the world of television, private video is on demand, an offer whose title will seduce us and we will choose specifically. Free live shows are more like TV programs that are zapped, stopping on one that we like more.

On freemium platforms, the camgirl does what she wants, she is not there to meet the requirements of viewers, she has planned a show with stages. Each level corresponds to an amount of tokens, so the show progresses and becomes more and more interesting. If it is a cumshow, the progression will go up to the enjoyment of the model. After all is over.

A cam girl chatting in front of her webcam

The importance of chat

Here, the chat room is the heart of the show. On the screen, the camgirl interacts with what she reads in the discussion part. The viewers ask her questions, ask if she's fine, what she did during the day, how to prepare for a particular project she talked about at the previous live, etc. There is a rich interaction between the audience and the model. And she is essential.

Through these exchanges, the room is activated, a positive atmosphere emerges and everyone is motivated to advance the show tipping to reach the next goal or have a predetermined action to the girl. Without this emulation, calm would reign and people would be bored.

In this space, the viewers laugh, they get to know each other and appreciate each other, having the same tastes in terms of cam. They joke with the model, support him, they deal with the bad seeds that trouble the chat, and they spend the tokens to thank the show, get it going and encourage the camgirl.

Need to have a community

This animation chat is essential for the camgirl, if nothing happens in his room, no one will tipper and everyone will have lost his evening. It is therefore important to concentrate around one's person a community. Like fans of Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift, they can have specific nicknames, the model calls them by a small common name in which they will recognize themselves: cats, loulous, there are a lot of diminutifs to use to designate his followers.

These people will be there at every show and will regret bitterly if they could not break free. They will tune, set the mood in the room, rally other viewers to his favorite camgirl and thus enlarge the ranks of admirers and potential contributors. Because yes, fans are the first to financially participate in the success of the model, they give live tokens, but also buy items that can be sold as panties and various personal items. They will also pay to acquire exclusive videos and photo sets, polaroids, their private Snapchat, etc.

How to consolidate your fanbase?

Fans are acquired in different ways. Often they discover their favorite model in show, are affectionate for her and will come back regularly. We must then retain this conquered audience. For this, social networks are a must and appreciated. Twitter and Instagram are two places to give news, offer photos and pass on information on upcoming lives and upcoming projects. Attention for Instagram, nudity is not tolerated, just like on Facebook.

Snapchat makes it possible to filter the people who have access to your stories, the camgirls then create private accounts reserved for their admirers where they show a little more of their life, their daily life. They also interact with the most loyal ones.

Cam models can also create video content outside the cam and open a Pornhub or ManyVids channel to sell small movies. Why not have a Youtube channel, which will be safe for work of course?

This diversification of communication networks with its fans, these multiple content offers help to consolidate his community around his person and bring together a group of individuals ready to follow you and put a positive and friendly atmosphere during the free webcams, they will spend and help the model to live from their job.

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