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How to behave as a viewer / tipper on a freemium show? - The official UfancyMe blog
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How to behave as a viewer / tipper on a freemium show?

How to behave as a viewer / tipper on a freemium show?

The camgirls below are live right now! Click on them to watch them and interact with them!

Show time! The time has come to relax and, instead of watching Netflix or TV, you have chosen your favorite French and international sexcams platform. This is an excellent decision. You are ready to attend the show, but beware, there are some rules of decency to respect. A good viewer is a courteous viewer and aware of the implicit codes that govern the small world of the webcam!

Registration on a livecam site

Read the profile of the model

Above all, be sure to check the profile of the model you are looking at. She presents herself in a few words and most often shares the atmosphere she likes to have on her live. On UfancyMe, also take a look at the topics "what I do", "what I do not do". At first, it will help you to know if you will hang well to his universe. In a second step, the things she does not practice will tell you what it will be wrong to ask.

Do not ask for anything without releasing tokens

Cam model is a craft. The people you see are there for fun, but also to collect tokens. So, if you want the young woman or the couple to perform something in particular, always accompany your request for a tip. To make sure you do not go wrong, the tip menu exists. All that is possible to want is written in this heading. In case your overflowing imagination does not resist a specific desire, do not hesitate to go to the chat to question the amount of tokens necessary for the model to reach your desire.

Illustration of a viewer in front of a sexcam who writes in the chat room
A webcam girl answers on the chat

The rules of the chat

The chat room is the discussion space next to the frame of the live video. It allows viewers to interact with the model. This is a place of freedom, which has some basic rules for everyone to hear and the show is better.

Remember to create an account on the platform, it's free and it does not require anything. You will be able to contribute to exchanges on the chat, because many models do not allow the "without accounts" to interact with them.

A viewer participates in the good atmosphere. Speaking, you make the room more alive, more attractive. You dialogue with the camgirl or the couple and if you are funny, you will be noticed and you may become a must in the room. In any case, show respect for the model and other viewers. No insults or negative remarks. Positivity is essential.

When a tipper gives a nice amount of tokens or he reaches a goal, it is customary to thank him. Join the room to congratulate him for allowing the show to move forward. When a newcomer arrives in the chat, greet him. You will notice by dint of frequent sexcams, there is a lot of behavior, politeness of the same kind on the rooms.

Do not claim

An important point: do not claim, do not demand anything. If you do not play, do not ask. The model is not at your service, she directs her show as she sees fit and has no orders to receive. If you want something in particular, ask nicely. Or even better, take a private and there you will talk more intimately and can express your desires.

You will learn about the model as the shows, everyone does not have the same expectations of its viewers and tippers. Observe how others are doing and integrating into the community while keeping your personal touch. Humor (not heavy) and compliments are always a good thing.

Do not talk (necessarily) about sex

The atmosphere of the chat room is not only turned towards the sexual side of the cam. He is often rather friendly. The viewers ask for news from the model, are interested in it. You will find yourself talking about video games on the room or his week, his hobbies, his little worries, his projects. You interact with people who are human above all, not robots present to satisfy your desires.

Interactions between viewers are also part of the show. There are friendships that are created between the tippers, people know each other after a while. You can talk to each other, but be careful to always follow what is happening and not to overshadow the star.

Naturally, you can talk about sex, the majority of shows revolve around this and the tip menu is your friend to advance the show in this direction. Remember not to be too intrusive. We must stick to the mood of the moment and not go against the current in general. If the room is hot, let go! If the room is wiser, participate in exchanges or switch to another cam.

The moderator, you will not annoy

The moderator is a tipper chosen by the model to enforce the rules in force on the chat. He is spotted on UfancyMe at his sheriff star. He has the right to banish an unscrupulous and suppress insults and other objectionable phrases. If you follow the code of the room, it should not cause you any problem.

He also answers your questions, you can call him, he will inform you with pleasure. If you have a doubt about the tip menu, on the social networks of the model, how much does it cost for its premium Snapchat, etc.? This makes it possible not to annoy the camgirl or to interrupt it in an intense moment.

The thousand and one reasons to tipper

We must not forget that the model is there to make a living, it is his job. So you have to tipper, it's sort of the salary in return for the show. Indeed, camming is a job that requires preparation and performance of both animation and sexuality.

There are various reasons to tipper. To advance the show, denude a little more the star of your heart, to support it in a general way, to show him your admiration. It is essential that the amount of tokens climbs, that's why she is there. Besides, it makes her happy. If the gauge does not move, it will disconnect faster and you will lose the happiness of seeing it. That would be a shame.

Do not promise a tip to get something back. There is no credit in the world of cam. To get spanked or flash boobs, you have to pay in advance.

If you can not afford tips, there are other ways to encourage. As said above, participate in the good atmosphere of the room. You can also advertise on your social networks, follow it on his own and comment (always positively), like his posts. On UfancyMe, she surely has a shop where you can buy some of her items. You can buy his videos too. It's not just the tip in life, but in a freemium show, the tip is essential for the model to produce a pleasing show for everyone.

No is no

Never insist, this is the worst thing you could do. If you ask for an action and the model tells you no, move on. If she does not seem to answer your questioning, do not repeat the same thing ten times, she saw you, but does not want to talk to you. Your sentence was probably poorly formulated or inappropriate, so again go on to something else.

Respect and courtesy

In conclusion, show yourself courteous, polite, positive and respectful. Avoid vulgarity! If the model puts you in your place, do not take it badly, she is queen in her kingdom. If the current does not flow between you, there are other camgirls on the platform.

The tip is the key element for a good show, then spend without counting for the elected of your tokens. This will make everyone happy and make you the star of the room. The other viewers will thank you and you will derive great satisfaction.

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