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Live sex cam revisited by UfancyMe

Live sex cam revisited by UfancyMe

The camgirls below are live right now! Click on them to watch them and interact with them!

Games, sex, fun and live with utter freedom!

UfancyMe is the new live adult platform that, in just a few months, has established itself in the French sexcam scene. Launched in July 2017 after a long development phase, it quickly seduced camgirls and users from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec. UfancyMe stands out from other French-speaking webcam sites thanks to its sleek and modern interface as well as its focus on live freemium inspired by the American giant Chaturbate. But it is also distinguished by its features, some of which, such as live auctions, are never seen in the small sexcam world! And then UfancyMe is also a shop that allows each model to propose to their fans to extend the experience of the live by a "coup de coeur" purchase to keep an olfactory memory of their favorite camgirl (worn lingerie) or to see her again at leisure on video!

But it is especially in the shows themselves that you should perceive the difference the most because UfancyMe encourages models to give free rein to their creativity! The platform has also opened a collective room dedicated to these creative liveshows, UfancyTV, to allow camgirls who wish to test new types of shows such as live cooking classes, gaming, sports sessions, quizzes, blind-tests etc.

After a short break-in year, UfancyMe is now ready to take off by shifting into higher gear: more models, exceptional shows, new features, contests, IRL parties ... In short, the coming months are good things to the growing community of our small platform promised a bright future! And all that has become possible thanks to the models and the users who trust us: THANK YOU! Your involvement and the friendly, almost "family" spirit you've cultivated on UfancyMe is what makes it so much today that it stands out from most other livecam sites.

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Sex in cam ... but not that!

Let's not be hypocritical, when we go to the assault of a sexcam we do not go with the state of mind of someone who is about to watch a historical documentary or animal on Arte. We expect to see boobs, pussies and asses on pain of being a little disappointed, even super frustrated! That being said, we do not go either JUST to masturbate because, for that, Pornhub, Youporn, Xhamster and others do the job perfectly ... The cam is not not that sex rough formwork, it's also sharing, laughter, interesting discussions, debates, games, in short, the human! Being able to interact directly with camgirls makes it a much richer experience than porn at all levels because we are no longer mere spectators but the actors of a real small virtual community. While a private liveshow can be likened to an erotic or pornographic show, a freecam is more like a collective playful experience (we will come back in detail, in a dedicated article, on differences between traditional live and freemium).

Live free but not the free webcam

The difference may seem subtle or even futile but it is not, far from it. In English the expression "free" has two different meanings depending on the context: "free" or "free". In the sense of UfancyMe it is freedom that wins, not free. Why ? Because camgirl is a job. Not quite like the others, certainly, but a job anyway. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of webcam models are exposed live to make a living or to make ends meet. And as much as they like what they do, take pleasure in sharing these good times with us, they do not pretend.

A platform focused on models and their fans

From its very first days of existence, UfancyMe has focused on the very special relationship between camgirls and their fans. And, to believe the first feedback we had at the time, despite the inevitable bugs of the "newcomer", we made the right choice by committing ourselves to this path. If UfancyMe has seduced a number of French cam girls and live amateurs, it is probably because it has managed to differentiate on certain points, including this famous near 2.0 between the models and their fans.

Fun and creative live shows

On UfancyMe camgirls are encouraged to give free rein to their imagination to offer you regular fun and creative live shows. Closer to live performance than sexcam itself, these performances take different forms: cooking classes, craft or sewing workshops (Caroline Tosca), whispered erotic readings (Ephemeral), gaming (Sexductress and Steel), training sessions. sexy sport (Foxy_c) ... Sex is often less present in these shows and is not, in any case, not the only leitmotif. Fun, relaxation and fun are the fuel of these livecams a little different and no less fascinating. We rarely see this kind of freemium webcam shows. However, it seems to me, what makes the specificity of free cams: be able to attend original shows or scenes of daily life tinged with sexiness.

New features for models and users

UfancyMe will continue to grow in this direction in order to firmly and durably anchor the camgirl / fan relationship at the heart of the platform's ecosystem. We will start to tackle it very soon, especially through some new features that should please you, whether you are a model or active member of the site. We will tell you more about it in due course but, in the meantime, we have booked several small competitions with nice prizes which I hope will motivate you to participate. The first is also going to start soon and has already been announced by email, on Twitter and on this blog: challenge of the return 🙂!

An exclusive partnership with LSF Radio, the first naughty radio on the web

In early March 2018, UfancyMe sealed an exclusive partnership with LSF Radio, which now broadcasts all of its programs live on the platform. The faithful listeners of the first naughty radio on the web will find their favorite shows on UfancyMe on the same dates and times as before: "The Morning of Elisa" every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 11am (except school holidays ) and "La Libre Antenne" every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm. But, and this is a novelty never released elsewhere than on UfancyMe, you can discover a new show every Tuesday from 21h to midnight: "Little Secrets Between Women" will make you laugh to cry, do not miss! Its concept is as original as it is fascinating: imagine that, like a little mouse, you will be able to slip in all discretion in the middle of discussions without taboos between women. It's a bit of a dream for all men, right? Between phone hoaxes, debates on the fantasies or sexual practices of each other, the hot confessions of these charming animators or the naughty challenges launched over the water, we laugh from start to finish. Do not hesitate to watch these programs but also, and especially, to participate by intervening in the chat, by asking questions to Elisa, Kim, Jimmy, Pierre Adonis (who makes a chronic as funny as naughty every Saturday during The Free Antenna) or their guests. And then you may have the chance to win tokens or even money because many contests are organized by LSF Radio and, in particular, a "sex poker" which you may become addicted!

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