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Sex cam in practice

Sex cam in practice

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You wanna know everything about sex cam? Take a guided tour and you'll be soon an expert on the topic!

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Sexy blonde in cam chat
January 6, 2019
Sex cam in practice
Sex chat, its role in live cams

Sex chat is essential to ensure the full enjoyment of a live show. It fulfills different functions whether it's free webcams, private shows or adult chatroulette.

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Live sex versus porn
January 7, 2019
Sex cam in practice
Live porn: the duel

As soon as we're initiated into sex cam, we necessarily know that live cams are more than more.

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Sex cam is a wonderful world of pleasure and relaxation, passionate discussions and sharing, all in live. But it has its own codes, vocabulary, customs and all this is often obscure for neophytes. You will see that there is nothing very magical about it, it is often a question of common sense. But there are still a few things that do not invent, and that's why this topic is made 🙂!

Thanks to this little guide you will soon be unbeatable on this fascinating world and will not have to blush for your ignorance on this subject. And who knows, you could become the one who explains all this to his entourage, up and down.

F rom the sexcam culture to its uses through sex toys and accessories that are closely related, we will try to answer any questions you may have to ask yourself on the subject.

Sexy blonde girl cam in front of her computer

The sex cam vocabulary

We've written above about the difficulties related to the vocabulary sometimes a little obscure of the webcam sex. To allow you to see at once more clearly and to understand our different articles, we propose you a small lexicon. This is far from exhaustive and will be completed as and when. Moreover, if you have doubts about the meaning of certain words or expressions, do not hesitate to let us know by leaving a comment.

Camgirl / camboy

Camgirl or camboy means a woman or a man who shows off live in front of his webcam.


We call "viewer" any person who attends a live sex cam, that it participates actively (chatting, "tipping") or not.


The token, sometimes called "token" by French speakers, is the virtual currency unit used by live sex cam sites, including freemium platforms. Its value usually varies according to the number of tokens bought: the more you buy at once, the less you pay for it. From October 8, 2018, UfancyMe has chosen to lower the price of its tokens by an average of 40%!

Tip / Tipper

To tip ("tipper") is the action of leaving a tip to a model. Also known as "tipper" (sometimes written "tippeur" by Francophones) whoever spends his tokens by sending tips in a chat room.

Private live show

Live sex via a webcam is not new, it goes back to the late 90s, early 2000s. Pretty quickly, sexcams are divided into two main categories, the traditional pay-TV show and free public webcams . Although they are born almost in the same, it is the first category that will prevail and experience a strong development at the start. It is in particular under the impetus of the giant LiveJasmin, created in 2001 by the Hungarian entrepreneur Gyorgy Gattyan, that the traditional liveshow began to emerge. Private shows, in one-to-one, allow users to attend an erotic or pornographic show live and face to face with a camgirl (or a camboy). The models warm the users in video chat but there is never complete nudity in this space. It is only after having convinced a viewer to pass in private that begins the webcam sex itself. Single to the model, the client can choose to activate the cam to cam if he wants to show or she looks at him while he masturbates. He can then guide the camgirl by telling him about his fantasies, telling him what he wants her to do (body parts, positions, sexual practices ...). It creates a very intimate relationship between the client and the model during a private show which can make it difficult for the most shy. The purpose is, most of the time, masturbatory and the client then expects the cam girl to make it come as fast as possible because of the high cost per minute. Some customers sometimes have other expectations and just want to talk, confide. Finally, for many men, this type of platform is an alternative to a dating site and can be a palliative to adultery when their couple is losing their wings.

Free cam

The free cam, also known as "live freemium", is distinguished by public shows to which everyone can have free access. Its economic model is based on the principle of gratuities that slip in the underclothes of the dancers the affectionados of the American strip-tease clubs. In the free live "tips" are distributed to the models by their fans in the form of tokens to thank and / or encourage them. The very existence of the free webcams relies entirely on this system of tip because rare are the models that are exhibited in cam completely free. Although it is not mandatory to buy tokens and tipper to attend the show, it is strongly recommended to enjoy it to the fullest. These freecams can be as sexy soft as hard porn, it depends on the style and desires of models. The interactions are stronger and more present than on private liveshow platforms because users also communicate with each other. There is indeed a real social dimension in the freecam.

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