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Traditional live or free cams, which platform to choose? - by UfancyMe
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Traditional live or free cams, which platform to choose?

Traditional live or free cams, which platform to choose?

The camgirls below are live right now! Click on them to watch them and interact with them!

You're hesitating between a private show or a free sex cam? Follow the guide, we explain everything you need to know!

TThe wonderful world of sexcam is divided into two categories: the traditional live with private shows and free cams, as on UfancyMe, where the shows take place in public. Two rooms, two atmospheres, for universes at once close but radically different in their operation. We make the point together and help you choose the live you need.

The first camgirl in history

The story of the sexy webcam goes back to the very beginning of the internet. When connections were slow, blocked your phone line and you were happy when two pixels sneak on your CRT screen. In this world still under construction, one could already connect in 1996 to JenniCam's webcam, aka Jennifer Ringley.

This 19-year-old woman had installed a camera permanently at home and went about her business, leaving Internet users the voyeuristic pleasure of scrutinizing her life permanently. Little by little, Jennifer begins to reveal to Internet users a little more about her and her intimacy. For example, she could be seen in underwear, masturbating or even sometimes bringing a boyfriend to her house. These intimate moments quickly became popular on the web and attracted up to 500,000 visitors a day in 1998 (a huge figure for the time). Maline, she starts to equip her home with several color webcams and charge for access to her site. By monetizing access to her intimacy, Jennifer Ringley would simply become the first camgirl in history.

UfancyMe regulars will surely be a parallel with the experience reallifecam voyeur Indriya who, since the beginning of summer 2018, filmed 24/24 at home and even allows her fans to watch her sleep.

Screenshots of JenniCam, the first camgirl in history

The birth of the traditional

Smelling the good vein, platforms are set up just before the turn of the year 2000 to simplify the connection between cam models and Internet users, eager to take a look in this new virtual keyhole. Sites like LiveJasmin are born and will become later behemoths of the net. Their principle has not changed in 20 years: give access via a webcam to rooms of women in undress, who undress only for you if you agree to pay and spend "in private" with them. The traditional live was born.

Now tens of thousands of women (but also men, couples or transgender people) are connected around the world and waiting for you to put your hand in the pocket to offer sexy shows ... or downright hot (well more!) in private. To fully live this experience, you must pay (with a count per minute). If this type of cam is historically the first and most widespread in the 2000s, it will find a small competitor that will quickly grow: the live freemium.

The first steps of free sexcam

Inaugurated by the MyFreeCams platform in 2004, the freemium model is inspired by the operation of the striptease clubs: access to the show is free but it is advisable to tip the model to thank her for her performance. You can enjoy several of the show without being forced to spend all your money. The proximity is also different, you are no longer in the lead with the person (even if the possibility of going in private is always possible) and you can just rinse your eye without participating. It's a bit like attending a peep show.

A more traditional option, free cams have the advantage of being a simpler gateway to live, offering spectacular shows and accessible to all major Internet users. A half-free, half-paying principle that demonstrates the richness of the genre. His interest grows with a larger audience every day.

Sexy girl makes a striptease in front of her webcam

Two rooms, two atmospheres

In what they offer, these two offers have a similarity: sexy shows ... or downright porn. But they keep a totally different functioning. Indeed, a private show does not look like a public show. These are two moods that find a different audience and rarely compatible.

The traditional plunges you into an intimacy that we will not have in freemium: face to face with a cam girl, (your webcam on or off) without anyone else than you. You have no choice but to tell him what you want her to do. This live is seen as an experience in itself and is not very advisable to shy people.

The temporality is also very different. With a cost of several euros per minute, unless you are very wealthy, you can not stay very long with the model. Which brings a very masturbatory side to the appointment you took. To get value for money and calm the tension that is created in cam-to-cam with a girl, masturbation is the most common practice among users of the traditional.

On the opposite side of UfancyMe, and even if private sessions are always possible, you will mainly attend shows in public that can sometimes last several hours. Just as sexy or really hot, they are accessible to all users, whether they have a free account or not (even if you can not access the sex chat without account). Nothing requires you to participate, nor to spend, but for the smooth running of the show, it is strongly recommended.

Unlike the private model, here thousands of people can be connected in real time to watch the show. The chat room on the right of the screen becomes an area as important as the webcam. This is where users discuss and spend their tokens to motivate the models.

Bra on a laptop screen

Free cams, where the token is king

The free cams are aptly named because you have free access to these shows. However, nothing is really free in the internet, to advance the live and reward models, it should be tipper, ie spend tokens (virtual tokens) in the room you have previously purchased on the platform. The more you tipperez, the more you will be important for the cam girl and you can ask him what you want (via the tip menu of UfancyMe for example). Without this virtual currency, the models could not be remunerated and the shows would simply not exist.

The principle of freemium is ultimately based on this virtual agreement. As in the striptease, tips are reward: the more you give and the more you can "control" the room and be "close" to the model. And the more users spend together, the more the show goes on and becomes spectacular.

The atmosphere in the chat room

On UfancyMe, there are as many shows as there are models. We start from the soft (some cook, listen to music with you or chat with the viewers), to very sexy (striptease, sextoys connected, cosplay ...) to the downright hard live where sexual performance is at the heart of show.

The ambiance of the rooms is as radically different as the traditional model. In the latter, the cat is primarily for introduction to users before starting a private show. But in its freemium version, it is a social link between the model and the users. That's what makes live freemium so special, rich and interactive.

Finally, which live to choose?

Life is a matter of choice and taste (s), nothing forces you to prefer one type of live to another. If you are looking for a strong intimacy and sexual experience, the traditional will suit you better. If, on the other hand, you want to have fun, share, if you are in need of a social link or the effervescence of a public show ... then the free cams of UfancyMe reach you.

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